Ftp permissions

I know how create a ftp account (only ftp access, no web) but my question is. I want to have 2 users:

First user .- Super admin (all permissions: write, delete, etc…)
Second user .- Only write and read permissions.

How can i do that?

“write” permission is “delete” permission. :wink:


I want users can upload and download, but they can delete.

How can i do ?

You can’t. Though ProFTPd supports such permissions (just checked), we can’t modify the configuration file for it.

Unless there is something I’m unaware of anyways.

actually u can create a folder whose group includes both users, give it 775 or 770.
that way both users can write in there.
on you files, either change the group owner, or chmod 700.
also make sure that the folder before the folder u created only was 755, or 750, so the 2 user cant delete that folder. like this:

folder _________________________ group __ permitions
/home/user/folder1/ _____________ group1 __ 750
/home/user/folder1/folder2/ _______ group1 __ 770
/home/user/folder1/folder2/file.txt __ group1 __ 700
/home/user/folder1/folder2/file2.txt __ group2 __ 770

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What about umask?
umask is the unix command that set what kind of permission has the file you created.
So if you set only read permission, when someone upload a file then he (and everyone else) cannot delete it.

This is just theory 'cause I don’t have a DH account yet