FTP permission denied?!

Hello everyone,

I have been using DreamHost for several months now. Some of my websites are based on WordPress, and I tweak the style of the page in the ‘custom.css’ file.

I do my work on a MacBook Pro. I access my files through Yummy FTP, and edit my CSS docs through Dreamweaver CS5.

Up until now, I have been able to drill down to the ‘custom.css’ file in Yummy FTP, right click on the filename and select ‘Edit With > Dreamweaver.’ The file would then open in Dreamweaver, and at anytime I could hit command-S to save changes – and Growl would immediately notify me that the document on the FTP had been updated. I could then go to the live page, hit refresh, and see my changes immediately.

Today, I find that while I’m able to open the file with ‘Edit With,’ I cannot save the changed file back to the FTP. I can save the file to my Desktop and save changes there, but again I am unable to replace the FTP file with the updated file on my Desktop.

No matter what I try, I get the same message:

Message from the Server:
custom.css: Overwrite permission denied

Can someone please tell me what might have changed? I have not updated those softwares, so nothing should have changed on my end.

Please help!

Thank you,
I work in four DreamHost accounts - personal, two for work, and one for a friend. All of the others work.

A colleague remembered a similar issue once where someone made the files on a server read-only by accident, but he doesn’t know how it was done or how it was fixed.

Anyone know how I might have ‘locked’ the files on the serve by accident?

Not sure, but you can check. Does your FTP client show you details about the file, such as the file permissions? Does it let you change them? If not, you’ll need to use a different client or (preferred) just SSH into your account and type:

ls -alth /path/to/custom.css

you’ll see something like: -rwxr-xr-x in one of the columns. If you don’t see any w’s in there, then it’s unwriteable. If so, then just type:

chmod 755 path/to/custom.css

It is readable and writeable, so I am okay on that end.

Since posting I have found another person on a forum with the same problem, and it was due to DreamHost moving the person’s accounts to a new shared box and forgetting to reset the FTP server.

I wonder if that is what happened to me here.

Only way to find out is to open a support ticket via the panel and ask.

I sent one after finding that previous issue, and included all of the info from that person’s post along with the details of my problem.

Hopefully, I will hear back soon!