FTP Permission denied


Stupid Question.
I’m deleting an old install of Gallery 2.0, but started getting 550 Permission denied on files. I was deleting files fine until this happened, now I am unable to delete anything in the dir.

I can delete files in other Dirs with no problem.
Using FileZilla


Did you check the “properties” to see what the permission are for the files you are having the “550” error on? :wink:




I think the problem is that the owner is listed as “(?) dhpro” on the files.

A side effect of One Click Insatll?


Yes, if “dhpro” is not your user, that would be the source of the problem.

I do not know if this could be the result of a one-click install “gone bad” or not - I have never seen this user before.

If there are file in your directories that are not owned by you, I suggest contacting DH support to inquire further.