FTP Password


I work as a photographer and one of the problems I find is that occasionally clients will contact me in a terrible panic because they can’t open a file for some reason and want me to send a copy to them immediately. On most occasions I can simply send them the image as a high quality jpeg file by email and everything is OK, but there are times when I feel trapped by my computer, in case any such requests arrive.

For specific clients, I can set up single FTP accounts with just their images but in the case of Photo-libraries who would normally all have access to the same images I was wondering if there is a way to upload just one group of files to a single folder (roughly 4.5 gigs) but then have separate passwords and user names for each agency, so I can tell from the logs who is taking which files. Ideally it would also log an IP number so I can verify that the passwords aren’t being given out to anybody I haven’t granted access and I would also want to ensure that the photo-libraries can only see the files in that one folder of stock images.

Does anybody know if this is possible? Or is there a better way to achieve the same objective? It would be a nightmare for me to upload 4.5 gigs of material for each separate photo-library.

Thanks in advance



I would reccomend getting a CMS (content management system) set up instead of using ftp. opensourcecms.com is a good place to look. This way you could set up several log ins to your website, and set up a way to makr who can access what on an image by image basis or folder by folder basis.

You could even set up thumbnails to show for the images making it easier for your clients to access.

If that’s not the way you want to go, then you might look into setting up groups. You can set them up through the panel. I’m not sure about the level of restrictions though.



Thanks for this information. Its a totally new world to me, but this sounds like an ideal solution and I’ll have to read up on what is involved.