Ftp password

I can’t seem to get the ftp to work. Is it the same username and password I use to open the control panel? ftp doesn’t seem to recognize it, yet I am able to get in to my control panel easily. I have tried wsftp and ie integrated browser.

Did you just sign up? It takes sometime before FTP will recognize a user login. The FTP username and password generally should not be the same as your Web Panel, so you might want to login to web panel, and under “Users” check to make sure you are using the right username, and if so, you can have the password e-mailed to you again to be sure you got that right, too.

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When I registered with Dreamhost, I was given TWO passwords: one for my account, and another one for FTP.

Go back and look at your emails and read through all of them. There’s probably one with a subject line like, ‘FTP service activated.’

Good luck!