FTP only account mysteriously has shell access?!

I created a new user on my account. I carefully selected ftp-only access, yet when I log in with my ftp client, I see the root directory of my account and can add/move/delete all files.

I have successfully created ftp-only account in the past. Logging in to them brings me in to that users directory.

How do I fix this?


Er, okayyy…
I quit CuteFTP pro, relaunched and attempted to log in.
Now I can’t log in, which makes sense because it has probably not been an hour since I created the user.

But, hey there, Mr. CuteFTP, WTF?!


Couldn’t this be explained this way: Perhaps the DH Panel first creates the user, and then limits the access based on what you’ve chosen. If you accessed FTP before the second stage was complete, then your user would have unlimited access – until the limits kicked in, and that’s why you can’t log in to root now.

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