FTP not working

Hello, I recently registered to dreamhost with a domain that I had brought elsewhere, and for some reason when I try to acces it it sais that the page can not be found, the same thing when I try to go to the FTP page. I have looked in the wiki and I tried everything that the FTP page told me to do, yet for some reason I can not connect to my websites FTP. I am totally unexperienced with web hosts since I’ve only worked locally so far, so maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I apreciate any help. Thanks!

If you just set it up, it sometimes takes a few days for DNS to propagate.

  1. Was this set up as a Fully Hosted domain?
  2. If you want this forum’s users (like me) to check it out further, please provide the URL for your site.

Yeah, a fully hosted domain I think.


EDIT: Thank you for your help, problem solved!