Ftp not working!



normally i don’t have problems ftp’ing to my site - i usually use fetch - however today i’m getting horrible speads - i’ve been trying to upload a 130mb file for hours! (9 hours now!!!) i’m getting speeds of 4.KB

i called my local provider and there’s no problems there - i e-mailed dreamhost, gave them a tracer - they reset my sites ftp which unfortunately didn’t do anything to remedy the problem.

i’m not behind a firewall of any kind and nor am i on a router.

someone help! i really needed this file to go up earlier today.



I was able to locate your support message, but its best to include your domain in your post otherwise there is no easy way to match up a forum post with a ticket. I am able to upload files via ftp, https://webftp.dreamhost.com/, and from offsite very quickly. Try uploading from the webftp site as well as trying another ftp program, sftp, passive mode, etc.

The traceroutes submitted show good response times and a double check of the inter-router and network connetions to your server show no saturation. Load on the server is fine, the ftp deamon has already been restarted, etc.

If none of these suggestions work please reply to the support email I have sent so that we can attempt more drastic measures!


I’m having issues with sftp. My user is a shell user (for crimsondryad.com), however I’ve been unable to connect for 2 days using sftp. Regular ftp is working fine.

I checked dreamhoststatus.com, nothing there about sftp issues. I’m having this issue with CuteFTP and Dreamweaver, so I doubt it’s something on my end. I have to wonder how many noobs are out there thinking they can’t access their sites because they don’t know to try it without the sftp.

This is annoying. Really annoying.

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Have you tried using Filezilla if you wish to use sftp? Cuteftp does not do sftp you need cuteftp pro for that. Do not forget that sftp uses port 22 instead of port 21.



I have used FileZilla in the past. I stopped using it because I like to edit my files directly on the server and FileZilla makes that a hassle.

I should’ve been more clear, I am using CuteFTP Pro. I’ve had sftp up and working for 6 months or more. It’s only in the last few days that it stopped working, and as I mentioned, it no longer works in Dreamweaver either, so this isn’t a software issue.

Thanks for trying to help though.

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I’d hazard a guess that your IP address is blocked. This has happened to me where I could FTP, but not SFTP. Contact support and let them know your IP address so they can unblock it.



Once again I get to enjoy the go-around with support where I say there’s a problem and they say there isn’t.


I can connect to another domain using the exact same software and SFTP just fine. So it’s obviously not my machine. And in CUTEFTP Pro it’s just a dropdown to set your SFTP settings…not really anything to screw up.

I swear, I think DH support people are on a quota of tickets to answer and they get a “hit” for telling customers the first time that they can’t find a problem.

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I understand your frustration, but I did email you a log of me connecting to your site via sftp with cuteftp pro 7. Its not that you screwed anything up, or that our support sucks and is ignoring you, its just that the solution to the problem may not be immediately obvious.

Please let us know your ip privately via the support system as I think the poster above makes a good suggestion. A host key mismatch is another possibility, as I mentioned in my support email to you.

Its good to remember that we are people too and we are doing our best to help you. We obviously aren’t happy if you aren’t happy, and we definitely do not reward people for not helping customers.


Kudos to scott for proposing the solution. The ip was added to a block list due to lots of failed login attempts from the ip in question. Apologies to crimsondryad for the delay!


Michael, thank you for your help. You have been very supportive and I appreciate that. In this particular case it appears my sarcasm was unwarranted. Please understand that my past experiences with support in the last 6 months have been less than stellar and it wasn’t out of the realm of reason to expect that my service this time was going to be the same when your initial response was what I’ve experienced before.

Having said that, I am also a fair person and am fully willing to admit that this particular time you didn’t deserve for me to imply that DH support is “sucky”.

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