Ftp not working still

Hi ,

I alrady had a domain registred with dreamhost . I am under Crazy Plan.

Then i added another domain. I bought the domain from yahoo and “added” (not transferred) it to dreamhost (and cancelled hosting from yahoo).

Now it has been 3-4 months. I still get the same error
each time i try to ftp to the new site

“An error occured trying to read contents of the file” . Make sure the file name is valid and you have permission to access
the location specified."

DO i have to transfer the domain to dreamhost. WHY wont the ftp work ? do i have to pay dreamhost some more money ?

I am allowed to register 3 domains under the crazy plan. One was free. this is the second one i am trying to register but is giving problems.

Please help ! Dream host guys …u there ?

That is your problem. Since you did not transfer the domain registration to DreamHost, Yahoo is still managing the domain registration. You need to use Yahoo services to modify your domain registration so that the name servers point to:

Then everything should be working. If you don’t know how to do this, ask Yahoo.

This is they way it works:

  1. user browser wants to access ‘equicentral.com
  2. user computer uses DNS to get IP address for ‘equicentral.com
  3. DNS gets IP address from name servers shown in domain registration
  4. user computer opens connection to IP address
  5. user browser requests web pages for ‘equicentral.com
  6. web server at IP address finds the pages for ‘equicentral.com’ and sends them

So again your problem is Step #3 - the name servers in the domain registration are the wrong ones.

The DreamHost name servers already have your domain entry:

[code]prompt>nslookup equicentral.com ns1.dreamhost.com
Server: ns1.dreamhost.com

Name: equicentral.com


Name: basic-cid.bam.dreamhost.com
Address:[/code]So apparently you don’t actually have a problem with DreamHost at the moment. Once you get your name servers updated and the information is propagated, you should be able to access FTP and get your site back up.

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