Ftp not connecting

So I am creating a site for a friend, who registered his domain at godaddy.com, I changed the nameservers on his godaddy account to be directed to the nameservers at dreamhost. I have created a directory in netftp called images, and it worked, but when I try to upload files it won’t do it. When I go to the domain, it looks like it points to the right place. The ftp for my other sites work, but I registered those domains through dreamhost, so I am just not sure what I need to do to upload correctly to this new domain.

Thanks in advance


Did you add the domain to be fully hosted, in the panel?

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yes I believe so.

does the domain being locked have anything to do with it? If it does what security issues do I have to worry about if I unlock it? Also it appears as if I can upload to the site if I go up a directory and into it from there, but now when I look at the website, it went back to the standard godaddy page. Any insight is greatly appreciated.