Ftp - new and confused


I’ve created a site in iweb and have hosting here on dreamhost but can not for the life of me figure out how to upload the site properly. I tried using the dreamhost webftp but it seems to only allow one file at a time (and i have no clue how to compress the whole site into one file - zip or whatever). So then after doing a search here, I tried using one of rparker’s suggested ftp programs - cyberduck - but can’t seem to make it work for the domain i have. I’ve tried reading up on how to do this, but everywhere I turn it seems like uploading via ftp is just a ‘given’ and that EVERYONE knows how to do it. I’m an old dog I guess and need some really simple, clear HELP…

The process should be relativley painless, and you should have gotten some instructions in the welcome E-mail from DH.

Basically, you launch your FTP program, open a new connection, give it your example.com and the user/pass you set up as your first user (NOT the panel login). You should then be able to connect.

If this still isn’t working for you, please tell us step by step what you’re doing and exactly what error you get.

art.googlies.net - personal website

thanks matt!
i think it’s working. now i just have to figure out why the website isn’t displaying. i was just able to upload the files but still get a “not found” message. i think maybe i need to move my files into a different level of the directory or something. any advice on resources for this aspect of the process? i’ll look at the rlparker wiki again.
thanks again,


You are right. You need to upload the files to the right folder.

The file structure in DH is like this: home/user/yourdomain.com Your files should reside inside yourdomain.com folder.

If you upload via WebFTP, you will be brought to yourdomain.com folder. You can tell from the folder tree.

If you upload via FTP, you will be brought to user folder. You will see three folders, Maildir, Log, yourdomain.com Kindly put the files inside yourdomain.com folder

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