FTP - Need another person to access my files

I am in need of allowing another person to upload and access my files. How do I allow FTP access to my site by another user?

Tell them what the username and password are.

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I recommend you create a new ftp user account and place your files there. Then they won’t have access to your entire web site.


That is what I believe I want to do. This is my situation. a friend of mine is the account holder at Dreamhost. I rent some of his space. I have FTP access and am able to view his files as well.

I have a need to allow others into the server to perform some work for me. Yet, I do not want to provide others with access to my friends sites.

I gather from the answer silkrooster provided, that I can set up an area that will only show and provide access to my files. That is what I want to do.

How do I go about setting up this private access area?


Do you have access to the control panel? If not the person who you are renting from may have to do this for you.
The idea is you set up a ftp account and create a folder and grant permission to just that user. Someone else will have to go into more details. This is something I only read about.

Yes, I have acess to the panel and FTP rights. I am attempting to do what I need done yet protect my friends account.

I will poke around using your suggestion.