FTP Multiple users

Is there a way to have multiple FTP users manage one domain? Thanks

Yeah, share the same FTP login. Or search the Wiki and use SFTP:


For anyone else:

What I did:
0. create a user that has sftp access

  1. In the control panel create a user group, and added the users I wanted in it
  2. Log into the domain as a primary user and via SSH and run chgrp -R [nameofgroup] on the domain directory that I wanted shared
  3. Then I ran chmod -R 771 [directoryname] to give the group write access to the directory
  4. Downloaded FileZilla or some other sftp client
  5. host sftp://[domainname] username password and then port 22
  6. You will be taken to your users home directory
  7. You should see a directory listing something like /home/.[foldername] click on that
  8. then you should see a directory listing of all the home directories on the server
  9. Find you primary users home directory and click on that
  10. locate the domainfolder click on that
  11. If permissions are setup correctly you should be able to upload and download files from the directrory

Hope that helps someone