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Hello to everyone.
I decided to post because everything I tried has failed. Here is my problem: I have, let’s say domain.com and domain.dreamhosters.com mirrored to the first. I have the domain.com hosted under user1 and i would like to create a new user2 that will have access to home/user1/domain/subdirectory1/subdirectory2 and will be able to rwx everything in that folder. I tried the http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Unix_Groups and i was able to see the symbolic link under /home/user2/subdirectory2 but i get an access denied when i try to access the folder and view files. What am I doing wrong. Is there another guide to help me?
Thanks in advance and I know that this has troubled a lot o people so if we manage to work things around maybe we could help the community by making a detailed guide.

Man DH Cedric, what is up with your post lol… is it automated somehow? Total fail.

Anyway as to what the OP is asking, with the security features DH has put into place, I do not believe it will really be possible to do what you are wanting under shared hosting. Each domain name can only have one user in control of it. I have seen hosts that allow multiple users access to a single domain (so you can set permissions for specific sub-directories) but DH does not operate that way.

You might want to review http://wiki.dreamhost.com/One_User_Per_Domain_Policy

Apparently what you want is possible if you are a VPS or dedicated server customer.


My apologies. That must have been very confusing =(. I was looking into this issue for you and ended up posting a reply in the wrong forum. I will try to update you on your FTP issue soon

Cedric H

Well, rather than making a new post, you can edit your previous one. Just to confirm with the response above, It was once possible but is no longer on shared hosting. As mentioned in the wiki article linked above, you can in fact use this method on a VPS or dedicated server: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Remap_Sub-Dir

Cedric H
DreamHost Staff

Thank you very much for your answers. Is seems that my hosting plan is not what I really wanted but it is ok. I will have to do more work changing the passwords of my databases and FTP user because I am forced to give them away for developing and when everything is ready will protect them again. Maybe I am wrong but this is not clearly stated when someone choses his hosting plan. Anyway, so far I am satisfied with DH but this will be a nice feature to have without the need to pay for VPS.

You’re reading the Wiki :smiley:

Was this sort of thing what you’re after? http://mage.dreamhosters.com/multiusers/

EDIT: Contents of the test files:

echo ’

Directory listing showing file owner ... $ ls -l

'.`ls -l` .'

Real path ... $ pwd

'.`pwd` .'

Running as '.$_SERVER["DH_USER"].' ... $_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"]

'.$_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"]; ?>[/code]

Something like that!!! How did you do it? When your user_share1,2,3 connect via Ftp with FileZilla for example, are they able to rwx the same test_share.php or there is a different test_share.php for every user in his individual ftp folder?[/quote]

Each test file is inside a completely separate userspace (you can see the path and timestamp of each test file is different in the demo above). The users are all separate DH user accounts and have total control over their own files because the files are in their own userspace - so they own them. The “sub-user” files are simply being served via symlink from the domain owner’s userspace.