FTP Multi User


hello everyone, i am new to dreamhost. Here is my problem, i want to give access to 3 people to upload site content. I have created one user and give them the l/p information. However, i was just wondering is it possible to take away their delete access?. Lets say A is the main user (me) and B is secondary user (3 people for which i created another ftp). Would it be possible to limit B’s ability to delete the files that he/she uploads. Maybe change the ownership of B to A.

any help in this matter will be much appreciated.


No. DreamHost doesn’t offer control over the FTP service or file ownership. You will need to use a CGI file manager web application. Beware that by default PHP has an upload limit of 7 MB.

If standard UNIX permissions and user groups doesn’t offer what you want, the CGI application can run as a certain user and copy files from the home directories of other users into its own home directory into a web directory.

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