(ftp/migration related) I'm not sure what's going on, but I know I've done something

G’day guys,

Hope you’re all having a nice day or night. I’m pulling my hair out.
I’ll try sum this up as simply as possible, however I’m of course happy to clarify any questions you may have.

I’ve recently registered a domain through a GoDaddy sale, let’s call it DomainA. In the past (and still very actively used), I registered a domain and purchased hosting for DomainB through DreamHost.

The biggest mistake in my not-so-fledging web design hobby was that I purchased a super cheap few months of hosting through web.com - but found their service, accessibility, features and just general UI absolutely horrid. Thus, I’ll never shy away from DreamHost again but for now, I’m having a problem.

I rerouted/entered/migrated required nameservers and information for DomainA, to my hosting package originally purchased with DomainB (DreamHost). It works fine, however I have no doubt there’s residual directories, files and configurations from web.com and whenever I visit DomainA, it’s asking me to install Wordpress. This IS what I intend to do, however according to FileZilla when I FTP into DomainA, there’s literally no directories except “logs”. With this information, the Wordpress installation shouldn’t be active.

I realize I’m missing something here, however with my domain/hosting now transferred from web.com to DreamHost - how do I access the absolute root of my host so I can delete everything, upload Wordpress, and start clean?

I hope I’ve explained everything correctly.
Can’t wait to see any new replies in a few hours.

TLDR: Purchased a shitty package with web.com, moved it to existing DreamHost hosting package, website redirects to Wordpress installation (which fails each time) when FTP access shows no files/directories on the server.

How long have you waited? DNS changes take time. Possibly 4-8 hours sometimes more.

If that’s not your issue, then give us the domain name because we can’t look up domainA.