Ftp memory


how do i see the memory i have left?

thanks for any help please email me @



I think you need to be more specific on your questions.

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ok, theres a limit on your memory for servers right?



You mean DreamHost PS?

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hmm, well i guesse so?

im seeing if i have at least 10 mbits…

its for files for one of the sites i help run



Well, I haven’t applied PS yet. So I’m not sure about PS. But I believe you can check resource status if you are with PS.

But in a normal machine, I don’t think you can check how much memory left for you because all the users on the machine share the resources.

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im the only user…i just cant find the link



Are you actually asking about the amount of disk storage you have left? That is, are you uploading files to your account and are wondering how much space you have left to upload more files?

Are you the primary DreamHost account holder or are you using someone else’s account? I ask because a primary account holder can set up subaccounts and set up specific lower limits for each subaccount.

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i am the only account.

and yes thats what im asking.
sorry i couldnt think of a way to make it clearer



Dan, you can check the available disk space you have left before reaching your quota (and your bandwidth, also) from within the Control Panel in two ways:

  1. Use the Control Panel -> Status -> Disk Usage screen (or the Control Panel -> Status - Bandwidth usage screen if you want to see bandwidth information)

  2. Click the “Account Status” link in the upper right hand corner of the main “content” part of any Control Panel page - doing so will cause an “ajaxy” summary of quota information, and other useful account details, to “drop down” into view.

Note that none of this is related in any way to the amount of “memory” available to your application(s) - there are tools available from the shell that can show you the memory state of your server, and should you want to track your CPU usage, you can enable CPU resource reporting from within the Control Panel, but that is an entirely different thing than the amount of available disk storage you have before reaching your quota.



yay! thanks!