FTP Logs


Is there a way to find out the IP of a last successful FTP login to one of my sites? I tried looking in the logs directory, but couldn’t find anything.


From the command line:

last -100 username

… shows the last 100 logins for user username. :wink:


hmmm, i’m getting “invalid command.” returned.

Here’s what I did:

  • Start -> Run -> cmd
    ftp mydomain.com
    typed in username
    typed in password
    typed in “last -100 username” (without quotations)

last is a UNIX shell command. You need to login to the web server and run the command there. Login to the shell with PuTTY after enabling shell access (if you haven’t already).

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I’m sorry, that command is executed from the shell command line. You need to log in with an ssh client to use it.


Thanks! That worked great…