FTP Logs


Is it somehow possible to get access to the FTP logs for your site? I’m hosting a FTP site for a small project which is password protected and I think some people might be sharing stuff on that account they shouldn’t be.
I tried to find the logs, but it seems as if only http logs are kept in the “logs” directory.


I know http log contains the number of access to a particular file.

If you feel it is not useful, you may want to try to install AWStat by yourself. It has been discuessed in the forum many times and it seems to be very useful.

You may want to refer to wiki AWStats on how to install it.

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It only contains the access by http requests, but not the files accessed by ftp. The log files in the logs directory are only the standard Apache logs, no ProFTPD logs.

how about AWStats, it generates ftp and email statistics. http://awstats.sourceforge.net/

I did not try it before. But I’ve seen a lot of people talking about it in the forum :wink:

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He would still need access to the ProFTPD logs, which we don’t appear to have access to.
So AWStats isn’t going to do anything I’m afraid.

Would be nice if DH actually used a real FTP server though… ProFTPd is by far one of the most insecure FTP servers out there.