FTP Login

Hey guys. I’m really new to this stuff. I just signed up about a day ago so I’m not sure if the FTP server is up yet or not. I do get a login to ftp screen when i put in my domain address into the ftp url.

I can’t log into my ftp for some reason and i tried many different things…wanted to clear something up
Say im using Smart FTP. This is my ftp and server info:

Domain tranceology.org : Web service on virgil.dreamhost.com

When I use Smart FTP I will put in exactly virgil.dreamhost.com in the url or ftp.virgil.dreamhost.com

and for the user part I made a user named tranceology
…so obviously I would put in tranceology into the user box…and of course put in the password.

Is that all correct? or am I missing something? I can’t log into my stuff!!! someone help. It will say cannot resolve host or wrong password…which im sure the password is correct because i changed the default one myself to something i know. Please help…much thanks!

it looks like your domain has propagated, so for the ftp host name you’ll just use “yourdomain.com” no ftp. or anything is needed (and you don’t need to use virgil.dream…) I think that will work for you.

I also think that the next question youare going to ask is: "When I got to my domain I get an erro message: “bad HTTPD Conf”! What do I do?!?
And the answer is, log into the panel > Domains > Manage > and click edit across from your domain.com name. Next click “Change fully hosted settings now” (even though you didn’t make any changes…) If in an hour you still have the bad httpd conf error message you’ll need to contact support. I don’t believe this would effect your ability to connect via FTP though.


Hmmmm still no good. I tried what you said many times and other stuff before this (domain name only into the url part) i keep getting wrong password for some reason…this is annoying.