FTP login failure


I am using transmit to access my FTP from dreamhost. No matter what i make my username/password on the dreamhost page…when i enter it in the transmit login-it gives me a login failure.

Its very frustrating i have no way of actually speaking to a human being from the company about this. Can anyone else help?


I use Transmit, but have it set to SFTP. My user in the panel is set to be a Shell account and I’ve disallowed FTP. I recommend the same setup for you, as SFTP is more secure.

  1. Edit your Transmit setting to be SFTP
  2. Go to the panel here for Manage Users and click Edit for your user. Set it to SFTP or Shell and disallow FTP.
  3. While you’re at it, set that user’s password again and then click Save Changes.

And for better insight into the problem, turn on Transmit’s “Transcript” window under the window’s menu to watch the login happen and see what’s causing the error.


The login sayes connecting, and just spins, and reads “login timeout”. Ive tried this many times. When i try to connect to FTP via the dreamhost site, it reads “530 login failure”. Am I doomed indefinately?


Submit a ticket to Support. They might be able to find something in the logs or configuration.