FTP Login Fail

I can login to the WebFTP from my Dreamhost account. I can’t login from FTP Clients likeFireFTP or FileZilla.

I have tried ftp://mydomainname.net, mydomainname.net, ftp.mydomainname.com, ftp://servername.dreamhost.com, ftp.servername.dreamhost.com, servername.dreamhost.com, ftp://dreamhost.com, ftp.dreamhost.com, dreamhost.com. In the past, I just used mydomainname.net and could not only get to my initial site but to all the sites listed under my user account.

I have tried from different computers from different networks. I have double checked my password and login information and I am stuck.

I don’t know what to do at this point and I need access back since WebFTP is limited to downloads only.


Did you “disallow ftp” for the user. Go here and EDIT the user to find out.

For what its worth FTP is very old and very unsecure. It would be good if you did have ftp disallowed and used SFTP instead.