FTP Log?


I just added a couple of FTP users to my site, and that part worked out fine. Now when I ftp and put in the usernames, there are 2 folders, logs, and Maildir. I won’t need the Maildir for what I’m planning, but I was hoping the logs would show something as far as when (along with IP) files were uploaded and/or deleted. I uploaded a small text file to test this, then deleted it after a minute or two. When I try to access the logs directory, I get “Error 601 (net::ERR_FTP_FAILED): Unknown error.” This is using Chrome as a browser. IE just gives me a page cannot be displayed generic error. Is this because it’s newly created or will there not be any type of log generated for traffic?




I was able to find some code to include in my VB.NET code to get what I needed. Never mind.