Ftp link?

i’m putting some songs into a “music” folder (that i created) in my ftp. how do i find the links to the individual songs? or am i totally off?

If the “music” directory is “in” your web accessible directory (usually “yourdomain.tld” on DH), then your links are going to be of the form “http://yourdomain.tld/music/filename.typ”.

If your “music” directory is in your “Root” directory, it will be different; you should put the"music" directory below your root directory in your user space to make them accessible from the web without a password.

If you are really trying access these files via ftp, you will need to take other steps, as your ftp user space is password protected. You could set up an anonymous ftp server, but that is another issue (see the Dreamhost WIki).