FTP limitations on dreamhost

I have a system where cameras send photos through a flashair SD card programmed with LUA via FTP to a directory allocated in a subdomain of a dreamhost shared hosting account. I am having a lot of troubles with connections. I tend to get a lot of errors such as: “530 Sorry, the maximum number of connections (10) for your host are already connected.” or “530 Sorry, the maximum number of hosts (7) for this user are already connected.”

I have tried a lot of ways to minimize the amount of error, now I have just one user, one subdomain per camera. I suspect that the flashair Lua script is sending lots of ftp connections and not closing them maybe.

What is strange is that if I change the servername from “aminedi.dreamhost.com” to “puebla.obrasgicsa.com” (My domain) The errors I mentioned go away.

What could be a possible solution for this? Make my own private vps server? Could I have unlimited amount of connections if that was the case?

If the sub-domain name “puebla.obrasgicsa.com” doesn’t cause problems then use it. Don’t use “aminedi.dreamhost.com” at all, there is no need.

That would be a problem. If I remember correctly you can have 10 ftp sessions open, if you aren’t closing them you will run into problems.

Another solution might be using a different protocol, such as SFTP or ssh for the transfer. FTP is an outdated 30 year old protocol that no one should really be using for anything anymore.

I can’t answer the question regarding FTP limitations via a VPS.

If the sub-domain name “puebla.obrasgicsa.com” doesn’t cause problems then use it. Don’t use “aminedi.dreamhost.com” at all, there is no need.[/quote]

The problem is that the same happens again if I use my connections with “puebla.obrasgicsa.com” then they get saturated and I will be able to use “aminedi.dreamhost.com” as alternative. Why is that?

It sounds like then they are counting connections by hostname rather that by user as should likely be the case.

The real solution here is to get away from using ftp, but yes I do realize that even currently manufactured low-cost NVR’s don’t offer a choice of anything other than ftp. Because of this, it’s best to implement a low cost “middle-man”. A Raspberry Pi (even a PI Zero would work for this) does nicely. Put it behind a local router(firewall) so you don’t need to concentrate on keeping it’s software up to date, with no incoming path ( Internet --> PI ) there is little security concern. Set up the NVR to ftp (locally) to the PI, run a script on the PI that watches a directory for new files and when it finds them SFTP’s them to the dreamhost server.

It’s reliable. I’ve set the above up for someone else (different host, but same issue), the PI has been running 372 days now without being touched. It ran 6 months before that and I don’t know exactly why it stopped at that point, because someone rebooted the PI before I got to see it’s state.

Could you help me with this? I am no expert in raspberry pi. :confused:

Any tutorial to configure a FTP server on linux will do, Raspberry Pi is just another computer running linux. But if you’re not familiar with Linux already, your learning curve will be steep…

Do you have other options? How familiar are you with LUA? How hard would it be for you to change the LUA script used by your cameras? Maybe you should use DreamObjects instead of ftp… or ssh.

Thank you Lakerat. I had the same problem and your solution was a success.