FTP Issues


I try not to jump to any conclusions based on a single day of problems, since any site can be hit with temporary glitches. Indeed my 21 Mbyte FTP upload went through without a hitch first time today after failing all day yesterday.

However I’m not on any of the networks listed as having suspected throttling problems, and I’m quite sure my ISP doesn’t throttle FTP uploads. I am routinely uploading files of similar size to our other host via the same ISP without problems.


Since SFTP relies on OpenSSH, I don’t think you can turn off shell access. Maybe you can be sneaky with the .rc or .ssh config file and have it instantly log you out of shell.



Scott, I think he’s referring to the fact that under “User Account Type” in the panel, there’s a radio button that allows you to choose between the following three options:

  1. FTP only
  2. SFTP only
  3. FTP, SFTP, and shell

There’s also an option to disable FTP, so there’s a fourth option to have SFTP and shell.

With all these options, there’s no option to have both FTP and SFTP but no shell access.

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What Lensman said. Since they seem to be suggesting we move to SFTP there ought to be a nice migration path.