FTP Issues


Is anyone else having issues where they try to load a sizeable file and the FTP just cuts off every time? I’ve not had this problem before, but it keeps telling me ‘connection reset by peer’. I’m not sure who peer is, but it’s obviously frustrating, and of course, I get no reply from DH support whatsoever. Par for the course with my experience.


What is the file size that you are trying to upload?

I have always found scp to be a much better option for file transfer. If you are using Windows, try using winscp (first link in google).



I am having the same issue. Larger .flv files and .zip files are not uploading. These files are 60 megs. I will get about 10 megs loaded before the server shuts me off. This week is the first week that I have had this problem. I hope it has nothing to do with sp3.

I have tried uploading with ftpcommander as well as Dreamweaver. Same exact problem in both.


Same here. I’ve heard it from 3 or 4 different sources that they cannot upload larger files.


Yup. Same here too.


me too,

"Server said:
-myfoldername-: No space left on device

Error -140: remote mkdir failed"

I have 500 gigs left , “lol”.


A “No space left” is a bit different than getting cut off. You’ve either hit a quota, or the drive really has no space left. Logging into the shell via SSH can help if you type ‘df -h ~’ (without the quotes) to see the disk usage of your home directory.

For FTP problems, stop using FTP. SFTP is more robust and secure, and many FTP clients can also do SFTP. Just be sure that your account is SSH enabled in the Panel for Manage Users.



it’s working now, so it was a temporary problem w/ dreamhost.



I’m getting the same issue again today. I’m trying to upload a 20 Mbyte file and it keeps aborting around 7-8 Mbytes with a connection failure at the Dreamhost end.


Don’t use FTP. Use SFTP instead.



Thanks, I read that earlier, but I don’t think “use SFTP” is an acceptable answer. FTP is the industry standard. I have a couple of FTP programs that I use routinely. I don’t want to have to hunt for a new data transfer program using a special protocol just for DreamHost because the site is having problems. And how do we know that SFTP would be any more reliable when we don’t know what the problem is?


I think of SFTP as two things in this case: a workaround, and a better long-term solution. At least if you tried SFTP, it would help identify where the problem lies.



“Use SFTP instead” is definitely not an acceptable answer. I’ve been using my program with DH since August with little trouble and now this is all of a sudden. Hopefully this is only temporary and will be resolved because this is what I am going through.

I use an application to load larger files to my server. It has FTP built-in so it’s easy to use. The problem is that it does not support SFTP. I’ve found a work around to still load the same file to the server, but I have to use WinSCP thus not using my application the way it was intended.

To make matters worse, I have individuals who load numerous files back to the server that are much smaller. They use the same application as I, but since it does not have SFTP compatibility, the only option is for me to log back into my user account and change my setup back to FTP. I should add that they have only one option to load these files and that is using the application. If they can’t use it as intended, it defeats the whole purpose.

As you can tell, the back and forth, back and forth is a headache. There’s absolutely no way I can keep using DH if this is somehow the new standard so hopefully it’s only temporary. Obviously, “just use SFTP” is NOT acceptable.


Actually, FTP was the “industry standard” back around the same time that “telnet” was an industry standard.

Both are outdated and insecure protocols that, I believe, are dangerous to use as they are susceptible to man-in-the-middle exploits.

Times change, and to maintain adequate security today sometimes our tools need to change too, even if it seems inconvenient. The reality is that SFTP is what everyone should be using nowadays anyway, and most of the time you won’t even know you are using it because most of the popular and maintained FTP programs now support SFTP (there is no difference at all in how you use it!).

That said, I agree that if DreamHost is going to support FTP at all (and there is a reasonable argument for shared hosting services only allowing SFTP - you can even configure your domain on DreamHost that way if you choose to do so), it should “work” properly, and I’m hopeful they will get those issues resolved sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, anything that encourages the abandonment of obsolete and insecure protocols can’t be all bad, and if using SFTP right now provides a workaround to this temporary problem, I’m thinking it’s well worth making the jump from FTP now! :wink:



Sorry but I disagree. I use a specific program that doesn’t support SFTP. I never would have chosen DH to begin with if this didn’t work, and now I’m forced to go to extra lengths to make something work that once did. Like you say, if they are going to offer it, it should work. If they want to do away with it, fine, but refund me my money so I can find a host who will support my needs.


I predict that the time is coming soon that, because of its inadequate security, FTP will not even be allowed to be used on most servers, just like her insecure sister telnet!

This is already the case on servers where security is a significant concern.

Sure, there may be workflow issues to address when you rely on software that only supports older technologies/protocols, but at some point you will have to find a way to deal with those issues anyway … why put off till tomorrow (when you may have to upgrade in a panic) something that you can address in a timely manner today? :wink:



That’s too bad, because as long as you use that you will continue to connect to your server in an insecure manner, and risk having your password compromised. Of course, I hope that does not happen to you … but it could. :wink:

I agree with that completely!

I don’t think anyone is suggesting that they are likely to do away with FTP altogether. If they did I think it would be reasonable for you to ask for a refund if you are unwilling/unable to use a the more secure protocol. :slight_smile:



Indeed, I’m not opposed to greater security by any means; however, for now, the program I use doesn’t support it. If it did, I would certainly be all for it.


It would be very useful if we could setup an account with access to both SFTP and regular FTP without having shell access. If it’s time to move forward to a more secure protocol I’m all for it. However, it would be nice if I could phase this in with the accounts used by multiple people.


Actually I’ll tell you what would be really helpful:

  1. Dreamhost bothered to update the status of this issue - the last update was on May 10th
  2. Dreamhost considered treating their customers with anything other then contempt with respect to this issue.
  3. Dreamhost considered actually refunding people for the fact that uploading of files has pretty much been not an option for over a week. Yes I know about SFTP - hasn’t worked for me either.
  4. Apologized just once.
  5. Update the Critical Announcement on the Contact Support tab of the webpanel
  6. Stopped insulting everyone with answers such as “you should change to SFTP anyway” - This is their problem - they should fix it. I can’t ask everyone who has to upload files to me to do this, nor should I have to - not that DH cares. Seriously If DH cared about this issue they would have suggested changing things before this failure occurred on their end.
  7. Change the severity of the issue from Medium to Large.
  8. Bothered to provide an update to THEIR CUSTOMERS
  9. Cared enough to provide an update to THEIR CUSTOMERS.
  10. Stopped treating their customers like cattle and have the bloody courtesy to actually UPDATE THEIR CUSTOMERS.

DH’s handling of this whole thing has been disgraceful.