FTP issues

Hi. I am trying to figure out how to grant FTP permissions for a friend of mine. I have created a subdomain for him to play around with and I want to be able to give him FTP access only to that subdomain. I’ve gone through the Kbase and really haven’t found any answers. Can somone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Near as I can tell, you have to create a user, then create a Web ID based on the user, and then assign permissions to the user for just the folder you want them to have access to.

Set up user:
Create new user for client
Users tab > Users > Add new user

Set up Web ID:
Create one Web ID for each user/client
Home > Account Privileges > Grant Privileges to a new Web ID
Assign permissions to allow user into their domain(s) only

Hope this helps…
Margie Matteson
Marisa Design