FTP issues on Planters

Am I the only one experiencing problems with Planters? I used to be able to ftp directly to any of my websites and mod them, but now I have to login to planters.dreamhost.com and from there navigate my domains. This wouldn’t be a major issue if it all went OK, but it doesn’t. All my permissions somehow are screwed and I’n unable to mod the dirs, so this is clearly not a fault of my ftp-clients (used several on several machines), so I was wondering if I’m the only one?!?


Connection attempt 1:
Connecting ftp.snewpers.com (
500 Sorry, no server available to handle request on basic-igloo.planters.dreamhost.com
Coudn’t access FTP service.

This really sucks! I want to get into my domains using ftp.DOMAIN.tld, and NOT on accountlevel. Permissions are still no good!

Problems solved. Took some time and some emailing with a supportguy, but a reboot of the server fixed whatever problem it was.

Thanks for reporting back! It’s a shame it took that long, but I’m glad you got it sorted!


anyone on PEPSI got a problem with login in FTP ?

everytime i logging in, i get this error
STATUS:> Getting listing “”…
STATUS:> Resolving host name pepsi.dreamhost.com
STATUS:> Host name pepsi.dreamhost.com resolved: ip =
STATUS:> Connecting to FTP server pepsi.dreamhost.com:21 (ip =…
STATUS:> Socket connected. Waiting for welcome message…
ERROR:> Can’t read from control socket. Socket error = #10054.

I am using cuteftp , and I i login fine with my other hosts

It took a while indeed, but to be fair to DH I have mention I’m located in the Netherlands and the timedifference did add to the problem. However, when I got one-on-one with a supporguy (Sandon, you’re the man!), things we’re solved pretty quick.

Can you tell us what the problem was? Was it your end or the server end?


nah wasn’t on my side. I was busy for a few days updating a bunch of domains, and it all went ok. And then I couldn’t connect to my account directly, and had to use planters and navigate from there. The info on my dirs said I was the owner, but I couldn’t overwite anything. When DH checked the server (ofcourse) did everything just fine. When they checked again even DH support couldn’t login anymore and they had the same problem as I had, resulting in a reboot. After that it was all good again. They apologized for the fact that they couldn’t see what went wrong at first, only when they got the same errors as I did they could fix it.