FTP Issues -- Blank Directory?

Hi all,

When FTP’ing to my site, either via Dreamweaver or an FTP program (like Filezilla) I am able to connect to my site but instead of my root (top level) directory appearing like so:


etc …

… all I see is


When trying to FTP via Dreamweaver I am told:

“Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote server time. The Select Newer and Synchronize commands will not be available.”

After connecting via Filezilla I am prompted with an empty directory listing. What’s strange is that my site (www.sixminutes.ca) and all subdirectories are showing what they should be when I visit the appropriate url(s).

I’ve only run into this issue over the past 2 days. Can anyone shed some light on the problem and suggest how I might resolve it? Or do you think that I should contact Dreamhost directly?

Are you sure you’re using the FTP user that is associated with your domain? go into the Panel > Domains > Manage > and click edit across from the domain in question. The user across from “CGI-runs-as user:” is the user you need to be using to log into FTP with.

you can create additional FTP users, but they will, by default, only have access to their own folder and no site docuemtns and the like.

if this is not the case, then you should contact support.


Thanks … I contacted Dreamhost directly and the problem has been resolved.