FTP in XP Windows Explorer

It was nice that Microsoft implemented an FTP client built into Windows Explorer with XP, but it has a limitation that effects Dreamhost users. I can figure out how to add only one FTP account per host to Network Places in Windows Explorer. First I added an FTP connection to my main web page. Then as I add new FTP users on dreamhost for new projects, I can walk through the steps of adding a new FTP network place, specifying kiki.dreamhost.com with the new FTP account users id and password, XP looks like it takes this new info and sets up a network place kiki.dreamhost.com(2). But when I click on the new network place in Windows Explorer, XP “corrects” the FTP login for me so I get connected to my first FTP connection to my main web page.

I first noticed this problem a year ago, but haven’t found any resolution yet except to use command line FTP from Windows or UNIX (or ncFTP on UNIX. It’s great). And I’m starting a new project with users that are going to be hoplessly confused by this. Has anyone found a work around yet?

Command line FTP isn’t your only option if Windows built-in FTP doesn’t work. Why not just use a normal GUI FTP/SFTP client?

The fireFTP extension for Firefox 1.0 works like a charm!

I finally figured this out: when you add an FTP account with the Add a Network Place Wizard in Windows XP, you can type in the location as ftp://username@kiki.dreamhost.com or even more eloquently as ftp://username:password@kiki.dreamhost.com and then you don’t have to type in the password when you make the connection. In this way you can have more than one dreamhost FTP account referenced in your Windows Explorer Network Places.