FTP...im stumped

I am new to all of this and only have a basic understanding of how to make a webpage. Any advice would be highly appreciated…

I created my webpages via windows notepad and am trying to upload them via ftp

I am using filezilla, i connected following the instructions

i saw three files on my page…

  1. logs
  2. mail dir
  3. my site name

i opened the site name folder and uploaded my files there. I am now trying to view my website on the internet but it just says that the site is not found.
Am I doing anything wrong? or does it just take time for it to update?

Nevermind I figured it out, I had to name my homepage “index”

lol im so computer illiterate

Hey, we all started somewhere eh, no one is born knowing this stuff. Congrats on getting your site up :slight_smile: