FTP Hostname Path

What the crap is the FTP hostname path to get to my root public_html directory on this server? IE: snirk.com/public_html or what the hell is it? I can’t login and my boss is pissed!

Sounds like more than your Boss is upset.

Is this a new account? If so it takes time for things to be set up and working throughout the system.

You will want to log into FTP with the user name and password you set up for this domain. If you don’t remember which user that is you can log into the panel, and go Domains > Manage then click edit across from the domain. The user that is set to excute CGI is the user that you will use for FTP.

Now you will need to set the ftp adress for your FTP program. Exactly how that is to be done depsend on your FTP prgoram, but something along the lines of yourdomain.com or ftp.yourdomain.com or ever ftp://ftp.yourdomain.com