FTP help


I’m trying to create an area where I can give FTP access to a few different people, all using the same login/password.

I’ve already created the login through the control panel, but when a file has been uploaded, I can’t view it through a browser, I get a 404 error. I’ve uploaded the file the same way I do with my “normal” user to update my site. I’ve also tried accessing www.domain.com/newuser www.domain.com/~newuser, just in case, but neither work.

Using filezilla, I see all of my files when logged in with my usual user, but when I log in as the new user, I don’t see anything other then the test file I just uploaded.

I looked through the wiki, but didn’t see anything that I thought applied. I’ve seen where people have used 2 names to get to the same FTP area, but I really am looking for 1 name to get to everything, and 1 name to get to only one subfolder.

Any help, or a link to a wiki/webiste would be appreciated. Thanks



Sometimes stuff can be a bit hard to locate in the wiki, to be sure. I think this page is just what you are looking for:


Note the paragrapho that says:

"If you want to give access to just one sub-directory of your website:

Leave the site as is and just use our Domain > Remap Sub-Dir area to put that one subdirectory in the new FTP user’s home directory. The only caveat with this is that CGI and PHP-CGI won’t work in that directory (since it’ll have a different user than the rest of the domain). "

More detail is here:


This should do what you want, from a web display standpoint - when you want to manipulate those files via FTP, just log in as that user (or break out the old old *nix groups/permissions voodoo to cobble your own solution). :wink:



That was exactly what I wanted. Thanks very much!

I definitely did not see that in the wiki.


You are welcome, and I’m glad that article had the information you needed! :slight_smile: