FTP help needed!

I have been trying to access my domain through FTP for a while now, and it hasn’t worked once. I keep getting this error messsage:

STATUS:> Connect: Sunday 11:12:20 09-23-2001
STATUS:> Connecting to skipperkee.com
STATUS:> Connecting to skipperkee.com (ip =
ERROR:> Can’t connect
ERROR:> Can’t login. Still trying…
STATUS:> Disconnect: Sunday 11:12:20 09-23-2001
STATUS:> Waiting to try again…
STATUS:> Connect: Sunday 11:12:22 09-23-2001
STATUS:> Connecting to skipperkee.com
STATUS:> Connecting to skipperkee.com (ip =
STATUS:> Socket connected. Waiting for welcome message…
ERROR:> Timeout
ERROR:> Can’t login. Disconnecting…
STATUS:> Disconnect: Sunday 11:13:52 09-23-2001

I have been using geocities for a while, but have never used FTP before. I’m almost 100 % sure my username/pass combo is right, but I still can’t get it to work. I’m using Cute FTP. PLEASE HELP!!!

[quote]STATUS:> Connecting to skipperkee.com (ip =


This line shows what the problem is; you’re not connecting to your Dreamhost account. That IP address isn’t in our network at all. If you check the registration record for this domain:

Domain servers in listed order:

or dig at the GTLD servers:
jazz% dig +sh @a.gtld-servers.net skipperkee.com ns

you’ll see that your domain isn’t pointing to our nameservers. If you’ve already made those changes you should start uploading to ‘server.dreamhost.com’ (where ‘server’ is replaced with the name of your server; information you should have received when your username was activated).

If you haven’t changed the nameservers to ours yet, you’ll need to do this. Our nameservers are:

Once you’ve modified the whois information it will be a few days before your site starts showing up properly; you can always upload your stuff to the server directly though.

If you have any further questions I’d suggest contacting support.