FTP help anyone?

FTP only shows maildir and logs directory when using client FTP. But I can upload using webftp. Anyone can help?

Are you sure that:

  1. You are using the same id for both? WebFTP by default uses the user that is the unix user for that website.
  2. I think WebFTP will put you in the web directory of the website while FTP will put you in the home directory of the user.

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You are correct, depending, of course, on how you connect via WebFTP.

If you use the WebFTP link from within the Control Panel _> Domains -> Manage Domains screen, when you click the “WebFTP” link for a domain, the directory for the domain is passed via javascript and that is where you “land” after entering your password.

If, however, you connect via http://webftp.dreamhost.com, you will either be placed in your user directory or a domain’s directory depending upon what you enter into the “Initial Directory” field of the Net2ftp sign-in form. IF you leave that blank, you will end up in your user directory, but if you enter a domain’s directory here (for example “/mydomain.tld”) you will be placed into that directory.

Using other FTP clients is much the same as this last scenario, as many clients allow you to define an “initial directory” (though some use different terminology). Doing so will have the same effect of putting you in a domain’s directory while not defining such a setting will place you into your user’s directory, even if you use a domain name as the “server name” for the connection. :wink:


The catch is that the OP only sees Maildir and logs. No hint of the domain directory, which would show up. I’m with the first guess that it’s two separate logins they are using. Either that, or their FTP client is sending them to a completely different server somewhere else.


[quote]The catch is that the OP only sees Maildir and logs. No hint of the domain directory… [quote]That’s a good point, and a great observation. Either of your scenarios seem possible.

Could it also be that he is connecting with WebFTP using http:webftp.dreamhost.com and entering the name of the dreamhost server as the host (server.dreamhost.com), like the initial welcome email you receive upon creating a user says you can do, and just hasn’t yet added his domain for hosting?

I suspect you are probably right, and that we will probably know better when the OP posts back.