Ftp frozen?

I started uploading stuff
I would be uploading, it would freeze.
I would try to login to my ftp again (reconnect)
and it would freeze at the password required part.

Any idea what’s goin on?

This happend two times.
I eventually get to connect but it freezes again.
Im uploading to the gap.dreamhost server and my username is spfdz for ftp.

I have the same problem - freezes all the time - uploads in “spurts” etc.

Not very impressed…

Yes, I have the same problem as well. I just opened the account yesterday for my Boss who I had a difficult time convincing Dreamhost was a good place for his companies new site. However with these FTP issues it’s making extremely difficult to even upload or make changes to the site. Could we get a response about this issue? Currently my boss is on vacation for 1 week so if these issues are resolved before he gets back he’ll never be the wiser and we can stay with dreamhost. But if they are not, I’m sure he’ll want to make use of the money back Guarantee.