Ftp from domain to subdomain


Hello, hello! I want to use the mget ftp command to ftp files from one domain to another (subdomain) on the same server, all from the command line. I know that once ftp’d into one server i can ftp into another and then perform the mget, but how do i do it when the subdomain is on the same server and attached to a different account holder (username)?


The unix shell commands cp and mv do a much better job, and are much simpler to use … the domain and the subdomain are just directories. :wink:



If you find you can’t cp or mv the files due to invalid permissions between the sub & domain you could also use curl or wget while logged into the receiving folder. If there are alot of files, in several directories, you might create a rar of them, wget the rar archive, then extract in the destination folder.

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I need to understand how to ftp to subdomains using a front end program like cute ftp pro, or the webftp that DH provides. Not from the command line. Can any of you advise?



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