FTP? Forum?

Hello (:
I’ve just installed Phpbb and i’ve done everything that the email told me and then it said i should delete two folders: /install and /contrib
How should i do that? Should i do it through FTP?

And also i’m trying to install FTP or something through:

And i don’t know what i should put for FTP server…
Please help me :frowning:

Yes, you’ll need to delete those folders with FTP. An easy way to do that is to use webftp.dreamhost.com. For the server name put in your website - example.com

You can also install a FTP program on your computer and connect that way. The end result is the same though, so just do whatever is easiest.

Once you log into FTP you’ll see a few folders. Double click to open the folder title after your website. If you installed phpbb in a folder under your website you’ll need to open that next. Then just select the folder you want to delete and find the red X towards the top of your screen to delete the folder.

Please post back if you need more help.

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Thanks i did what you said and then i had to enter my username and password again but then it said my password and/or username didn’t match the website :S
Do i contact someone? If so, who :/? feels really embarrassed

Don’t be embarrassed, we all have had troubles getting started. No one starts as a pro - you’ve got t work your way there.

To log in through FTP you’ll need to use the user name and password combination for the user who “owns” your website. This is likely to be the first user you set up when registering with Dreamhost. It’s different from what you use to log into the panel though.

If you need a reminder, log into the Panel > Users > manage users. You should see a list of any users you have created there. If you need to you can edit the user and reset the password. (find the edit button across from the user in question).

Does that clear things up for you?

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Thanks a million :slight_smile:
You are so good at this! This really cleared a lot of things up for me :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

No problem. I’m happy to help when I can.

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