Ftp for new doman notworking

i added another domain to my account. but i cant transfer files to it using ftp. i can see in the account that it is an active domain . Do i need to do anyting special to set up an ftp ?



FTP to a new domain will work automatically as soon as the DNS for the domain has been set up and is working properly. It takes a little while for that to happen so that’s probably why you are not able to ftp to it. It should only take a few hours to be working.

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actually i just noticed that the domain registration is not active . what does it mean ? i had actually bought it from yahoo bu cancelld it from yahoo 2 months ago.
i waited 2 months so i dont have to pay transfer fees .

in the crazy domain plan (which i have with dreamhost) can I have mre than one domain for free ?

im totally confused about the domain transfers / regisration.

[quote]i waited 2 months so i dont have to pay transfer fees .

Fust FYI,

You never have to pay transfer fees. When you sign up with a new registrar, you pay the regular yearly fee for that registrar, and they ADD a year to your current registration when they transfer it. So if you have a domain that expires 12/2006 and transfer it, you will pay for one year, and it will now expire 12/2007. No extra fees are invoilved.


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the situation is this :

I bought www.equicentral.com 2 months ago from yahoo.

THen i cancelled the hosting from yahoo but the domain is still in my name. Now i want to add the dmoain to dreamhost (or transfer , whichver makes sense) btu dreamhost is charging
15$ for it.


If you just transfer hosting, there should be no additional charge (assuming you have room for another domain under your current plan). If you transfer the domain registration, then you will be charged for an additional 1 year extension of the domain registration. Not really a transfer fee, but a required extension of the domain registration in order to transfer the registration - as Jason indicated.

If you want to postpone extending the domain registration, just “Add Domain” and don’t “Transfer”. Then you will need to update the nameservers for your domain (at yahoo) to point to the dreamhost nameservers.


hmmm…i already have a domain under my plan…
but i need to transfer new domain (whihc I bought from yahoo)under dreamhost and have dreamhost host it…

so mybe a 15$ fee is required…i was hopping not.

You should be able to host at least three domains under your plan with no additional charge. It is three for the Crazy Domain Insane plan, more for others. You can only register one domain on a given plan with no aditional charge.

In the Web Panel if you select “Transfer” under “Domains”, you will be transfering the domain registration and you will be charged for that. If, instead, you select “Add Domain”, you should be able to host a second (or third) domain under your plan with no additional charge.

If this is not the case for you, I would contact support.


As mark was saying, Your Host (DH) does not have to be your register. I register my domains through network solutions, and host here. You don’t ever have to use DH as your resitrar - just use yahoo and update the name servers to point here.

If you want to ditch Yahoo and move your domain registration here, you’re going to have to pay that $15 or whatever. But this will simply add another year of registration onto what you allready have with yahoo - and leave DH in the mangement position.

Register= a company accreditated by ICANN to sell Domain names. .com .net .org .tv .whatever Registering a domain name, makes that name yours for as long as you pay for it. googlies.net will be mine for as long as I keep renewing with network solutions.

Host= a company who stores the files for your website. This Host probably also provides E-mail and other services for you and your website. You tell the registering company where you are hosting your files, and in 12-48 hours when anyone acorss the world types in your domain name they’re pointed to your hosting company and your files there.

does that explain things a bit?


I don’t know why anybody would register with Network Solutions… they’re both the most overpriced registrar and the one with the most “horror stories” of problems. Others, like GoDaddy, are much cheaper.

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I’ve never heard of any problems with netowrk solutions. They’ve been in business the longest of all the registrars. I’ve had bad luck with other registrars, and these guys know what they are doing. Yeah, it’s a bit more expensive them some of the others, but I use them for the same reason I use DH: they know what they are doing, they are good at it, The system is well designed and built from the ground up.

We had a bit of a discussion on this topic a while ago in the offtopic area. Not everyone agres, but network solutions has it’s points.


There are many, many problems associated with Network Solutions. For example, I received numerous Netsol/VeriSign direct mail claiming that my domains are about to expire and that I “should send in the attached form to guarantee renewal”. Even a basic search of “network solutions problems” will yield many horror stories.

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hi guys ,

thanks for all the help. I have added the new domain. but ftp is not enabled , nor is the web mail for the new domain.
does this take time ?