FTP folers not showing

When I login to FTP I only see 2 folders: logs and Maildir. Is a web root folder going to auto create? If I manually add one and place an index.php file in the “domain.com” folder, nothing happens on the net side.

Screenshot: http://img476.imageshack.us/img476/5179/image2ny.jpg

What bugging me is you show a parent directory. There shouldn’t be any. I am wondering if the folders had been copied to a subdirectory.
When loging on you should see logs, maildir, and your domain directory plus other directories for features like jabber or streaming if they are turned on. Everything that is visible to the world wide web is in the domain directory.

Of course there’s a parent directory. In relation to the server, that folder you get dumped into when you log in is at /home/yourUserName/.

As far as your domain.com folder goes, as I unserstand (though I’ve never done it myself) is that you can just create it exactly as you set up the domain in Panel > manage Domains > add new. Then place an index file in the directory and it will work. If that’s not the case, then for some reason other parts of the domain data didn’t get set up server side.

Try going to Panel > Mange Domins > edit (across from the domain in question) and then click the thing to save changes - even though you didn’t make any. Now wait up to an hour or so and see if you domain.com folder appears. If not I think you’ll have to contact support on this one.

Please post back and let me know how it goes.


There is a difference. DreamHost has regular FTP access chroot’d to the home directory, so that as for as regular FTP goes, the home directory is the root directory and there is no parent directory. The FTP client user interface pictured is apparently not reflecting that it cannot access a parent directory. You can tell from the image the CWD was / as well.

SFTP access is different, my client shows the full path, including the data glob, and one can also access directories of other users.

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I know there is a parent directory, it just is not suppose to be directly accessable through normal ftp or should I say visable.