FTP Folder Troubles


I am fairly new to using an ftp system, but I understand how it’s supposed to work. I am using the windows ftp system in “My Network Places” on XP. Works great so far, but…

I can’t figure out why it won’t let me move things from my main folder to any subfolders. I can make the subfolders, but I can’t move even html files into them.

Is there a setting on the control panel that I need to adjust to give myself access to this? My understanding was that I could use the folders similarly to how basic Windows Explorer works.

Any help would be much appreciated. I have searched the forums, KBase, internet, etc. Haven’t found anything helpful. Thanks,


FTP is really nothing more than the ability to upload or download files. Moving files is another matter entirely. You can drag stuff from your local drive to the server, but not (normally) from one place on the server to another.

So to move a file from one place on the server to another, drag it to a local folder and then drag it back to the new location. You will then have to delete the file from the original location.

I usually create a directory structure on my local drive that matches the one that will exist on the server.

Simon Jessey
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Right you are! Thank You much.