FTP Folder Access

I’ve searched the forums and seen various suggestions for managing access to folders via ftp. I’ve read the kb article and voted for the Access Control List suggestion.

I’ve worked with Unix/Linux in the past so using the shell and Unix groups doesn’t scare me. I would like some input however.

Using FTP (versus CGI scripting) is a bit of a must. Not on my account but because FTP is the defacto-standard in the industry I am in. People get all worked up if you tell them to go to such and such site and upload using the button. I don’t like it, I just have to live with it.

I will be working with many external freelancers so I want each of them to have their own account and folder. These files should not be available via the website. That’s easy enough.

Then I want another account that would be used by a few internal people that has access to all the freelancer folders. That, obviously, is the tricky part.

The way I see it, make an admin group, put the internal account in it and set the user’s folders group to the admin account? Does that sound right or will that prevent the freelancers from accessing their home folders?