FTP Files

Iam sharing my FTP account for a sub-domain, with few users. I just came across this weird looking files called “.nfs08430ae100000743” it is 32 MB

Is someone trying to misuse the FTP access, or the file is left by Dreamhost Maintenance or dreamhost is doing any internal stuffz, Iam on Blingy BTW which is undergoing lotta procedure nowadays. Thinking of latter I haven’t deleted the file yet… should I delete the file

I would, but that’s just me.

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I haven’t seen this, but as a Mac user, when I mount my directory locally, my Mac adds similar looking files. It’s possible that one of your other users is performing an SMB type mount that leaves these invisible files. I’d delete it, but would note the timestamp to see if it’s during hours your users may be logging in.


In some NFS implementations, when an NFS server is requested to remove a file that is open, it renames the file to .nfsxxxx where xxxx is the PID of process requesting the delete. Then the last process to close the file actually deletes the file.

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