FTP drop box?

I’m trying to create an FTP user with a l/p that I can give out to people if I need them to upload something to me. I don’t have Anon FTP as part of my package, and don’t want to pay for it…seems like it should be simple enough. But since user names seem to be restricted by server instead of domain, I can’t use something like “guest.” Any ideas?

One option would be to create a machine user specifically for the purpose, then create a sub-domain under this user. When your users FTPed in, they would only see the contents of this sub-domain.


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A small file manager script, such as “File Thingie”, will allow you to give someone access to a subdirectory without giving out your FTP password.

The script is available from: http://www.solitude.dk/filethingie/

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Thanks for the replies.