FTP download problem

I’ve set up individual FTP user accounts to exchange files with my clients. Sometimes the clients can’t download the files saying they receive an error message that says “File transfer failed” If I login in my computer with the same user name they have I can download the files on my side with no problems.
This problem is random. It doesn’t happen always. I’ve tried changing the file permissions within the ftp client but I still have the problem.
Any one have an idea of what is happening?

See if they can use the same FTP software, or at least FileZilla.

I also think that using SFTP would be a better and more reliable option. FileZilla can also do SFTP. Just make sure that your FTP user account is set to be able to do SFTP.

Well, I’ve been using Cyberduck and also tested FileZilla yesterday and I still have the problem. I don’t know which FTP software my client is using, I think one of them is using the native client that comes with OSX and the other one has a windows machine, I’ll have to ask him to try FileZilla if he’s not already using it. I haven’t tried using SFTP yet. I’ll do that. Thanks for the advice, I hope this works.

We’ve both tested with FileZilla and using SFTP. The problem is still there. Any thoughts?

That tells me that the problem is at their end. Being that it’s intermittent, they’re going to have a hard time tracking that one down.

Double-checking, you’ve not had this problem, correct? Just your clients?

I’ve done a lot of tests and we still have the problem :([hr]
Yes just my clients.

How do you setup ftp access for clients to download their files? I need my clients to be able to review their files and then download them.

As to your issue, I’ve always had success with Fetch as an ftp software…

Any guidance would be helpful as to how you set this up for your customers. I’m just starting a small business and trying to figure stuff out on my own. Thank you!

Hi. I posted this 7 years ago LOL. I am not using FTP anymore as some clients don’t have the knowledge to configure FTP clients. I am currently using Dropbox and WeTransfer.

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