Ftp down or wrong settings?

I just set up an ftp program (core ftp lite, same as on old computer) on a new computer, same settings I’ve always used, but can’t log in to my site. It’s on gotcha. Is anyone else on that machine having the same problem? Anyone heard anything about potential glitches or repairs? I’m not sure if the culprit’s the server or my software settings. Can’t get to ftp via browser either. It times out. Site and e-mail work fine. ?


I recently joined DreamHost and I have been having the same problem. I can easily access my Http portion although I cannot access my FTP at all.

I believe something is wrong with their end. I am hosted on the vito.dreamhost.com server.

I have already sent them a support request and even mentioned this post. Perhaps you should do the same.

I’m also on gotcha, and can FTP and SSH to my home directory just fine.

yeah, they already emailed back and it appears something is wrong on my end… Their server is fine.

Thanks much for your replies- didn’t want to bother support if ftp was working for others, and it probably is something with this machine. First time using win xp, and it comes with its own firewall, so maybe that or some other software is interfering (grrr!).

One thing though- any ideas why I can’t access ftp via internet explorer or firefox browser?


Oh gawd! It’s the windows firewall- thought for sure I had it set to allow the right stuff, but will just have to use a different one altogether. FTP does work fine.


Is the FTP program set to use passive mode? I’m temporarily using the windows firewall and can only FTP in passive mode. (I’ve had the same problem with some other firewall in the past but can’t recall which one…) If that’s the problem, then it would probably interfere with FTP through a browser, too, if it doesn’t support passive mode.

Yep, it was set to passive mode. But everything works fine again now that I’m back to ZoneAlarm. Seems so easy to butt heads with Windows. :::sigh:::