FTP down, BAD timing


I’ll post here in hopes someone knows what’s going on. Support ticket is open, on hour 8, and my job is depending on this dumb outtage.

I have to upload a video for my boss to approve, this morning! Yet when I login to WinSCP, like normal–no changes to acct. info, it takes me to ROOT.
So I went into HOME and VAR/WWW to find my directory. It’s not there. It’s like I don’t exist.

And all my sites are getting the bad httpd conf error, but I’m not a new customer, nor a new site. WTF?

Really pissed now, 8+ year customer,



Sites are back up, after being completely down for 9 1/2 hours, but email is not. Web panel is now down for me too.

This sucks donkey balls.



Donkey balls? Wow… that must really suck! :slight_smile:

Yeah, outage is always bad, but they’re having growing problems like others have said. Still though, I agree that they should get to hiring some tech support, even if they aren’t on location.


Yeah my FTP is down too. Haven’t noticed any down time, when were your sites down?


My sites were down for 9 1/2 hours from 11:30 pm until 9:04 AM or so. My email and everything was down. Support had to do about 1/2 an hours work to fix it.



I know they are growing but the #1 rule of a growing business is to ALWAYS try and surpass demand so that you don’t end up with thousands of pissed off customers.

New customers shouldn’t mean old, loyal ones get screwed over.



Damn, thats bad luck. Given the length of time required to fix it, I assume it was some kind of hardware failure?

Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to prevent this from happening.


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It was not hardware failure, but when the recent DNS stuff happened, different Unix services were reset but not for me. They had to go fix it.



Ick that stinks - my FPT has been down for close to 3 days now - sent one report never got a message back - sent another - got a message back but still not fixed - just sent a 3rd in hopes it will be fixed. Been here 5 months and never had anything down that was problem - now I cannot upload anything.


Wow, that sucks! Wonder what’s up that so many are having down time…



I have no idea but I am opening a store for my art in 3 weeks and I need to be able to upload my art to my site for people to view fully before buying products - this is setting my time frame back at a really bad time ><!

Hopefully they will have it fixed soon.


I can’t connect via FTP for the last two days either