FTP does not replace files


I have a problem with dreamhost ftp I think.

When I upload a new version of a javascript file with filezilla and I confirm the overwrite option. I get the success message but when I surf to the url of the file it’s still the old file. Even after reuploading it 10 times. It happened before but after reuploading 1 or 2 times the file got trough I guess…

Same with a couple html files which are replaced after 10min or so.


Use Crtl-F5 (most popular browsers) or whatever command your browser uses to force a reload of the entire site from the server. Your browsers is most like caching the file.


I’m sorry I forgot to say I’m a graduating student in IT. Meanwhile the file was replaced but it’s an issue I ran into a lot.


Notwithstanding, use a tool like FireBug and watch your page load. You will see the “issue” that you have run into is that your browser is using a cached copy of the file. This is NOT a dreamhost problem, when you upload a file, it’s available instantly because you are uploading directly to the webpath, nothing is “queued” for awhile before it get updated on the web server.