FTP Directory

How do I set up an ftp directory (single folder) inside a website where a passworded user could edit a single html file only. They could use an ftp program or a web browser to access the file, download it, modify it, then upload it again?

The best approach is “Remap Subdirectory.”

You still can’t limit it to a single file with that, though. What are you trying to accomplish?

I need to give access to an individual to create a single page on the site without having complete access to all of the site. He will be creating a paypal page with purchase options.

A seemingly easier way would be for him to just email you the HTML file and you upload it.

Yeah I think that is what I will do.


Anybody know how to FTP (mput, mget, get, put) a directory with files inside it?As far as i know, the command line FTP could only transfer plain/regular files.